Friday, December 3, 2010


This weekend will be spent decorating the Little House as I am sure many others will be doing. There will be no dawdling around, for early next week I will be off to do the same down at the other house.
It is very exciting pulling everything out, kind of like old friends that we haven't seen for awhile. There are always new finds to be introduced to the others such as the two singing angels above.

This box of treasures would normally go to be with the others on the big tree down south but will be given a place on the little tree here.
So, off I go now as there is no time to waste.
What will you be up to this weekend?
Have a good one!


- said...

Everything looks so pretty and you have another place to do yet! You are busy! We are getting three new doors installed and are preparing for it. Have a great weekend.

Lola Nova said...

What pretty ornaments! It is delightful to pull out those familiar memories. They all have special stories (even if the story is about a good bargain at the local thrift).

Today was a no school day so, the small one and I had a "date". We went to lunch, rode the carousel at Jantzen Beach, had ice cream, went to the book was so nice to be out with the sun poking through the clouds.

Once home I got busy with moving the furniture to make space for the tree, and doing a little pre-decorating sprucing up. We head out tomorrow to cut our own tree, I will pack snacks and my grandfather's thermos full of hot cocoa. Then I can pull out the box of decorations and we can go to town!

I am so impressed that you are doing two houses! My goodness you will be a blur of festivity I dare say. Happy weekending!

Unknown said...

Two houses? Wow! I felt like decorating our little apartment this year was a lot. And your decorations are beautiful, by the way.

I'll be hoping for a little more sunshine. My man and I took a walk to our local thrift store this afternoon while it was bright and warm. Felt good. The rest of the weekend will be full of work, work, work.

Happy December to you. :)

Andi's English Attic said...

I agree it's like greeting old friends.
This weekend I'm getting out of the house. My husband has a band practice at home. Luckily there's an indoor car boot on Saturday and an antique fair on Sunday, so I should still have my hearing by monday! xx

Monica said...

What lovely ornaments you have. I am going to finish up the decorating as well. Well, everything except the tree. That will be done the week before Christmas. Later on today we are heading to the local Weihnachtsmarkt. Tonight we are making popcorn and watching "Up in the Air". Have a good one.

Kami said...

These ornaments looks very familiar!

Heather said...

Love your Christmas decor... I think I may have said that before:) Do you do both of the houses in the same style or do you do them completely different? Looking forward to pictures! (hint:)

Princess and the Pea said...

I love your glass baubles, I've got a couple of baubles and things that are really old. I've got one which is a little white elephant rattle that used to hang from my mums pram when she was a baby (nearly 60 years old now!) and a couple that were my Grandma's when they were first married. I love old decs, I think it's lovely to be able to pass them down.

Heidi said...

Sheri I can't wait to see your photo's when your done! I love your angel and shiny brites!

Floss said...

I love the idea of decorating two houses. Sometimes I feel torn between decorating 'themes' (althougth it's never all themed, obviously - you know us), but with two houses you really can go all traditional in one and all white in another, or whatever... Your intial photos look great - can't wait to see more.