Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa and Little Sherri

Little Sherri stands dreaming about what she 'really' wants for Christmas this year.
" Good morning, are you ready to see Santa now?" Asks Rudolph.

"Yes, but I am afraid that even Santa may not be able to get what I want."
"Impossible, there are very few wishes that Santa can not grant on Christmas. He is ready to see you so let's go tell him.

"Ho, Ho, Ho, hello Little Sherri. I see you have been a very good girl this year."
"Yes Santa, I have tried to be very good."
"So what would you like Santa to bring you this year? Don't be shy, climb up and whisper it in my ear."
"Oh, I see...hmm, well we will see what the elves can do about that, now run along and be a good girl."
This may be difficult...I quit making the original "Spirograph" years ago, the ones being made now are a joke and don't work. Little Sherri has her heart set on the vintage model, someone must have one in a closet somewhere....I have an idea, I will ask Big Sherri if she might trade some vintage sheets from her own 'very nice personal stash' or some other treasure to make an 'offer they can't refuse', for the vintage Spiro.
Will Santa's idea work? We will have to wait and see.


Lola Nova said...

Oh, I so hope that little Sherri gets her Christmas wish!

Kami said...

Ok, I must look up what a spirograph is now. Very cute blog post.

Life in Rehab said...

Psssssssssst....Restoration Hardware has a really cool set:

Katiebee said...

I hope your Christmas wishes are granted~ very cute story~

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Hope you get your spirograph... I always wanted one of those because my sister had one. I was "too little" for it! Now that I think of it, she also got the Easy Bake Oven.... sisters. ;)


Unknown said...

Cute post! I hope you get your wish. :)

Heidi said...

You made me smile Sheri I too had a spirograph
so much fun! Your so right you really appreciate your own space when you don't have it, eggshells!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh, I hope you find one, Sherri! I totally remember getting my spirograph for my birthday! I loved it! Santa is magical after all~

mamas collection said...

Hey Sherri! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am about an hour + from Evansville! Just so you know, I tend to bump into vintage toys so if Santa wants to contact me about helping him....This past summer, I ran into a complete Lite Brite, including extra pegs! You never know! I'll keep my eyes open.....! :D

Jo Dumoulin said...

The internet, er I mean Santa is usually the bringer of all things. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you..
Jo xx

Heather said...

Very cute, Sherri! I hope you get what you ask for and more:) I'll keep my eyes open.

Princess and the Pea said...

I actually think I might have one in my Mum's attic! It will be about 20 years old, is that old enough? I'll have a look when we get the Christmas decs down! x