Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr. B.'s Birthday

Happy Birthday to my honey! I bought him these pear trees. They both are varieties that we are not familiar with so I hope they turn out as good as the description says. They are. Moonglow and Conference.
As you can see this one already has some fruit on it. He was pretty surprised and pleased.
My window boxes have finally started filling in a bit, looks like they might do pretty well.

Mr. B. will have a good dinner and fresh strawberry shortcake after. I just got back from Schuh Farms where the berries are local and they also carry the fresh local heavy cream for whipping. But the real bonus was the biscuits just being put out (homemade), so that is already done for me. I don't feel too bad taking that shortcut as I just made him a plum upside down cake for Fathers Day.....The sun is out and all is good. Have a good evening.
We have a new recipe and food site to explore over at The Kitchen Calls.


Lola Nova said...

What a wonderful gift!
Your window boxes are so pretty, love all that color! I should like some shortcake too please :)
Isn't the weather just glorious? Yes, all is well.

Princess and the Pea said...

Your boxes look lovely... I filled mine with violas before I went away but it was a bit warm for them while we were gone so they don't look too healthy now!

ted and bunny said...

thankyou for your kind comments- Henny would love to read about Bertha!
Have a lovely weekend