Sunday, February 6, 2011


In an effort to finally get to know my camera and never take another picture as bad as my last post, I started changing the settings, with the help of my manual... Do you think it went well? Do you think that the photo above is one I took of my living room? Only in my dreams would that be true. I am lost, lost in a place where I may never find my way out. Buttons were fooled with and now my camera is a total stranger. How could I have gone so wrong?
Now I must research the error of my ways. When I get in from the drive down the 5, I will settle in and watch the tutorial I found and hopefully redeem myself and have the forgiveness of my camera.
I will be back once I can take a photo worthy of sharing with you.

**Photo - House beautiful


Princess and the Pea said...

Can you send me the link to the tutorial you found? That last one you sent me was really good!

I'm going on a course in Peak District this weekend - part of my Christmas present from P. I can't wait, but it's all out doors and it's meant to be raining so I'm going to get wet!


Heidi said...

I loved your last post, the photos all of it!
what was wrong?

Sherri B. said...

Heidi you are too kind and love is blind, I guess....What is wrong with them you ask? Well for starters, I am still seeing red from looking at it and so much more. Basically I am tired of seeing all of those other great photos and having none of them be mine...Thanks for the sweet words though.

Yasmine said...

Dear Sherri,
Just wanted to say hi...and to recommend a series of comprehensive articles on photography by our fellow blogger Zhu: