Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Better Day

A beautiful day today, as you can see. We have a bit of wind but nothing like what was in the forecast, though it is very cold still and will remain so for days.
Our feathered children are happy for the sunshine and haven't even quarrelled once, I even spotted them taking up friendly conversations.
Thank you for all of your nice comments yesterday, it sure helped lift my spirits while having to tend to the unpleasantries.
I am still having problems with blogger, now I am unable to leave comments on some blogs...That will never do!! So I do need to make the dreaded call to the tech help people...(huge sigh), and get it fixed. I will be back when all is well.
Have a lovely weekend.


Michelle said...

Such beautiful scenery! And the picture of your chickens and duck are absolutely adorable.

Katiebee said...

happy to hear all the chickens & daisy survived the storm~ and you too! the weather you just had to contend with is headed our way tonight and tomorrow~

stay warm & cozy~



Floss said...

I'm glad things have improved - I didn't leave a comment on your last post but I was thinking of you!

Lola Nova said...

How pretty! So glad to see your feathered friends are getting along. Our snow has melted already. I am happy to hear that you did not end up with a really bad blizzard, I was worried about you there.
Hope you have a lovely day (and that you have some help with the garden netting).

Unknown said...

Lovely photos! I hope you get your computer fixed soon. :)

Heidi said...

Love your little friends...I'll pray for a speedy recovery Momma.

Monica said...

Oh, happy that your weather situation has improved! Sun and snow is always a good combination. Have a great weekend and hope you get things straightened out with blogger!

ted and bunny said...

dear Sherri
the snow LOOKS beautiful, although coping with it really is another matter.

Keep warm and toasty if you can. When we had our massive snow here, I realised afterwards that my shoulders were permanently clenched almost into my ears I was getting so uptight about it!

Thankyou for your sweet comment on my Giveaway- but I would LOVE you to enter- I took the shipping costs into consideration-

Have a good weekend inbetween the aggravating bits!

Flaming Nora said...

Snow looks beautiful, but I can imagine how difficult it must make things. At least the chickies look as though they are having fun! Thanks for your comments over at my place, suspect you have guessed right, but not being a mind reader may be not! x

Sabrina said...

We were hoping for snow down here in the CA coast. Hasn't happened at sea level since 78' I think. But alas, just as the temp. dropped to the appropriate levels, the rain went away. Very disappointing. Your pics are beautiful! I hope the chickens and Daisy think it is as lovely as I do. Spring must come eventually!