Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can Someone Help Me?

Night before last I was minding my own business, checking blog updates when up pops that pesky reminder from Microsoft that I haven't scanned lately...hmmm. So I mention it to the Mr. and he, in all of his wisdom says, "you need to do it." So, being the obedient wife that I am (sometimes, most of the time, well, I try) I started the process of scanning (above photo) which took longer than I thought and finally went to bed.
The next morning when I got up and turned on my beloved computer I found a different familiar favorites, search places, was gone, all gone and looking all foreign. I was so afraid and lost...What would I do? I panicked and couldn't think...I feared I would never see any of you again. At this, the lowest point, I realized that I hadn't had any coffee, that was no way to try to tackle something of this proportion, so with mug in hand I pondered the problem and soon knew that I must jump right in and take charge.

I made a few adjustments, and once I found all of you, I decided that I could live with this different look.....Until...
I went to make a new post. I loaded my photos and finished writing my post and proceeded to link to another blog and could not highlight to do it...Has that ever happened to you? It is a very odd feeling to not be able to highlight as you know that you cannot link without it. Then I had to delete the entire post because it was about another blog and I had to link...So after I deleted I tried a new post 'without' a photo and I 'could' highlight then. I tried it over and over and it was always the same. With photo, No highlight. Without photo, can highlight.
I am so hoping that some of you will be able to help me with this as I do love to link and need to.
Please help if you can. You can email or leave a comment of both.
Thanks in advance.


Rebecca Nelson said... need to de-bug your computer. Sounds like a virus to me. Per my computer analyst hubby...

Don't ever do something just because something pops up on your computer screen and says DO IT. Chances are it's a virus trying to corrupt your hard drive.

Hope this helps~


Lola Nova said...

Oh good gravy! I can't help I'm afraid and my IT guy (The Engineer) is at work. I hope someone out there has an answer for you. I used to be able to manage these sorts of things on my own but, now I rely on my Mr. as he is much more patient and persistent than I now. Your pictures make me think that I should get back to fixing my own stuff.

Floss said...

Oh, I love your photos, I love your story (especially the coffee bit - been there) but I cannot help! You poor thing. Rebecca's hubby sounds like he knows what's what - if so - best of luck!

Life in Rehab said...

I agree with Rebecca. I spent an hour backing up my son's laptop last night and downloading new anti-virus stuff. He was completely locked up. What protection are you using?

Heidi said...

I am horrible with computers.....and virus protection I did hear macaffee was the best if I spelled that right...I have a family friend that I always send mine to now I would spend up to 600 a year at the computer guy...I just want the darn thing to work!!!

Heather said...

Oh dear! We did that once (the scanning after a pop up) and it was awful! I'm sorry to say I think Sunny and Rebecca are onto something.

On another note... I do like your new white background:)

meemsnyc said...

Ugh, I hope its not a computer virus.

Unknown said...

Ick. :(

I'm really sorry this happened to you. It sounds like a virus to me, too.

Katiebee said...

I wish I could help you~I had something similar a month ago and it was a virus~ Hoping you find someone to help you~

I love the new look of your page!



Sherri B. said...

Thank you ladies for your kind words and advice. I have purchased Carbonite and McAfee, it will take a few days to get everything backed up and loaded on. Fingers crossed that McAfee can fix the problem.

Have a good weekend!

Yasmine said...

Poor thing, how awful and frustrating! I have a free antivirus called 'Avast' (you just need to register) and I'm so happy with it for more than two years now. As for your linking problem, you could write your text first and insert your links where needed and insert your pictures after. That should work for a while until you find what the problem is. Sending you and your computer good vibes from the North.