Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Menu Plan? and Cookbook Winner

I don't know about you but I fly by the seat of my pants about what to have for dinner, more times than I

care to admit. With it just being the Mister and myself, I have gotten into that bad habit.

There are so many bloggers out there that sit down every week and faithfully get there menus put together

and actually know well in advance what will be on the table every evening.

Daughter Kami is one of those super organized gals and many days has something cooking in the crockpot

first thing in the morning.

Perhaps I will make a better effort to use some of my vast resourses and save some money at the market at

the same time by planning ahead.

My question:  Do you do menu planning and if you do, how often?  Please share.


Now for the winner of the Pie Ography book....It is 'Shine'  who has the lovely blog, 'Shine's Thyme'.

Congratulations Shine, please email me your info and I will get it ordered right away!


Have a lovely day my friends!  xo


Katiebee said...

congrats to Shine! It's amazing how many cookbooks you and I have in common!
I do menu planning, usually for 10 meals. That usually last for 14 meals as there are leftovers and the occasional dine out. It works well for the two of us. Hubby picks half and I pick half~

Loved your kitchen tip!



ted and bunny said...

I rarely plan...Mark get quite worried that half an hour before supper time, there's not much activity in the kitchen but, like you, inspiration springs from nowhere and a good meal is conjured up.
Tonight its omlette with cubed fried potatoes onions and mushrooms, a sprinkle of cumin and paprkia and a good grate of cheese- served with salad

Sandra said...

I have been menu planning for almost 20 years and honestly can't live without it.

I shop every two weeks because as military we get paid every two weeks. A few days before payday I sit down with my cookbooks and page through, some meals are family favorites, others are new ones to try, and as I jot down the meals for the menu plan, I make a grocery list too.

I've done lots of posts on my blog on how I do it, hope you get around to reading them some time :)

Floss said...

Ah, omlette on the menu here, too! We have an unusual situation, in that Ben's canteen throws out good containers of food at the end of each day. He saves them from the fridge before they get chucked, and I have the excitement of making something interesting out of them before they go out of date! Omlettes, currys etc often work well... I buy some basics, have others in the garden, and always some eggs from the hens, and then I make it up according to what arrives! We are lucky...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I meal plan out of necessity. The only inspiration that will come to me is take out. I need to know before dinner what I am making and how much time it will take. I plan one week at a time and make a grocery list at the same time. The hubby is really good at going into the kitchen and coming up with something, now I know where he gets it from :)


Lynn said...

The only meal I really plan for is Sunday Dinner (and holidays), other than that I fly by the seat of my pants too:@)

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Sherri,
Menu planning is a great idea, however I have never done it.
I always have plenty of food to decide what I am making, unless it's a dinner party. From your newest follower, Linda

Florida Farm Girl said...

Plan?? We're supposed to plan menus and everything??? Not in this house. When it gets to be mid afternoon, then I try to think of something for dinner.

Shine said...

Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever won a thing!!! YAY!!! Thanks so much Sherri!!!! Will go and e-mail right away!!! Blessings~~Shine

Comfrey Cottages said...

Congratulations Shine! I used to be super organized with menus planned out two weeks at a time, and I only grocery shopped every two weeks... but then I retired to tend my grandchildren... now, not so organized at all! lol!!! xoxox

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I pretty much just plan daily on what sounds good. I often have an idea of something I'd like to make. Congrats to the winner!!

Leigh said...

Congratulations to Shine and I have to say, I loved your cookbook tour!

Unknown said...

We (I) never plan. :(
I totally need to break that habit. Especially with the prices soaring, it only makes sense.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Have a great weekend.