Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Plans

This Thanksgiving, our son and daughter in law will be hosting our feast. It will be their first and will include DIL's family also. Last year a surprise snow arrived and our plans to head to the city house fell through and we ended up having a quiet dinner alone. This year we will be making up for that, I'm sure, with all bringing their favorite dishes to add to the 'groaning table'...(I have always loved the sound of that!).

In years past, we have tried to help out so others might also have a good meal. Our favorite way of doing this is, to either take a turkey or give a donation to the Union Gospel Mission in Portland, where they not only feed the body but the soul too.

There have been reports that all of the programs that offer this meal are underfunded this year for obvious reasons. If you are interested in giving, here is the link www.ugm.org, when I type it in it brings up Seattle, when you do it I bet it will bring up your local one (hopefully). If you have another favorite charity, you can always find the nearest one through the Google or Bing help.

Where will you be celebrating your Thanksgiving, at home or maybe you will be traveling?

Have a great day! xo
Top photo - Country Living.
Bottom - UGM


polkadotpeticoat said...

How exciting for you but also for DIL, I remember my first with Phil's family we were still living in an apt. and I told everyone we would eat at 1pm but the bird was finally done at 4pm....oh well.
My table looked good...hehe!

Edward said...

Here in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I hope you have a great one and it’s so very good of you to help others have a happy Thanksgiving too.

Unknown said...

We'll be at the in-laws this Thanksgiving. I can't wait - it's my favorite holiday. :)

Michelle said...

Typically we have Thanksgiving at home with family and friends. This is my favorite holiday.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Sherri. I have entered you into my giveaway, as you are a very valued Spotty Pony follower. I don't mind the postage at all, but if I become rich and famous, I can bring you the book in person for Thanksgiving! :)xx

Anonymous said...

I still have no idea what we are doing for the holidays! Can you believe it? I better get planning!

lapdogknits said...

The location is still up in the air...
the desert? my house? brother's house?

for us...this will be a most meaningful gathering and our family has received blessings beyond our heartfelt prayers.

we'll be giving thanks so much around the table we may never get to eating the food!

Christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love new readers. My kids and their families will be visiting this year as in years past. They live close and always come to our home. Love it.

Leigh said...

We will be blessed to celebrate at home, with son, DIL, and 6 month old granddaughter!