Monday, October 10, 2011

Gifts From Above

We are blessed, or cursed, depending on what day you might ask, to be in a breeding zone for some raptors here at the Little House. Today I am feeling blessed as I arrange these feathers collected by my guys (The Mr. and Jack the dog) on their walks through the fields and hillside on the property. We can recognize most of them coming from the red tailed hawk and believe some of the others are from the 'nasty' falcon, who will actually come down to the chicken yard, or sit right on our fence by the garage!

Just a little something to share with you on this Monday morning. Hope your week is staring out well, have a good one! xo


Unknown said...

I wouldn't have thought of arranging feathers like that! They're beautiful.

Michelle said...

That is one amazingly beautiful arrangement! Those raptors chose to give you those feathers. At least that is what I was told by a Native American. I think feathers are one of God's most interesting creations. Just beautiful.

camp and cottage living said...

Nothing like natures decor. I love feathers and nest for decorating too. I hope your chickens fare O.K. with those nasty hawks around.

no spring chicken said...

I so enjoy watching the raptors around us. We live in the city so we don't see them right here. But if we drive anywhere red-tailed are hawks prolific and we occasionally are blessed by a bald eagle... and of course at night several types of owls are possibilities.

I love your display. Feathers, rocks, shells, leaves and branches are definitely my favorite decorations.

Blessings, Debbie

Karen said...

oh, how precious! Love the feathers in an arrangement. Going to have to get the boys to start a collection for me.

Edward said...

Nice work from your guys, they are very beautiful, there are lot kestrels where we keep the horses. I love to see birds of prey, and they have some truly beautiful feathers as shown on your post. Sorry I haven’t commented much of late.

Kathy said...

Amazing! The feathers look great! I don't find any in our area despite the great number of birds here! They look great,

RDA Pony Tales said...

The colours in these feathers are so beautiful and you have displayed them so well too. I love the little jug/vase, it is such an unusual shape.
Thank you for your comment on my post. I have put a link on my post so you can watch the advert of the dogs taking the fuel from the car. It was not very clear.. sorry. Please take another look as I think it will give you a laugh :) xx