Monday, August 8, 2011

Charlie's Place and The Bees

There it sits at the base of our little hill, "Charlie's Place", as we still call it, even though he has passed on. In his 90 plus years, Charlie did about everything, but the most visible, especially from our house, was the gardening and beautifying of his property. Being a wise man, he also kept bees and tended them up until this last autumn when, from his hospital bed, asked my Mr. to please take his bees as he would not be coming home.. Charlie died and about a week after so did all of the bees...both hives, dead!

One of the hives had been invaded with wax moths and my hubby didn't want to risk using it again, so off to the dump it went. The other hive was left to be addressed at a later date as we had our own to tend to for the winter and another order of bees to be delivered in the spring.
This tale has a happy ending but with a few twists and turns so I will leave the rest for next time, after all it is Monday and we have other blogs to visit.
Have a beautiful day!




Floss said...

What a great story, so far! Looking forward to more.

Thanks for your comment! The boys thought their repetitive list was the last word in humour...

Anonymous said...

Charlie sounds like a super special guy! I hope you can get his hive going again.

Privet and Holly said...

Hi Sherri!
I love that
you tried to
honor Charlie's
wonder how it
all turned out??!
Happy Monday,
xx Suzanne

no spring chicken said...

You are so much more considerate than I. It never occured to me to shorten my post... Oops!
I love the shot of the 'beekeeper'.

Blessings, Debbie

Michelle said...

I hope his hive does get going again.

Edward said...

Interesting first part to the story, I will be awaiting part two with anticipation; every one likes a good story.

Anonymous said...

This is a very touching story. I hope we get to hear more of it. Charlie sounds like someone I would love to have known. Keep an eye on your bees! Those moths sound kind of close.
jean @ thecottageonpilgrimsfarm

Katiebee said...

what a sweet story! love the flower pic~ hope all is well with kami!



Unknown said...

Looking forward to the rest of the story. :)

Valerie said...

Charlie sounds like he was a lovely person. What a nice view of his garden and the work to beautify his property. How interesting about the bees, I can't wait to hear more.
Love your photos, the hive, the bee keeper, the flowers and I think the first may be Charlies place?

Heather said...

I read the ending first:) Great story, Sherri... I am enjoying hearing about the Mr.'s girls.