Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Sewing Machines

Isn't there just something so special about a woman and her sewing machine? Through the years the homemaker showed her love and tended to the needs of her family with this faithful friend.

I did a search for some different ones and thought I would share a few. If I had the one above, it would be kept out all of the pretty is that?

Where would you even start with this one?

This was listed with the sewing machines and I love the way it looks and the color, but I think someone is pulling our that liquid thread..? hummm. Anyone know what this sews?

How about this little jewel, I think it is a Featherweight and I want it. Do any of you have one of these?


Do you know what I would like to do? How about in the near future, we all share our machines or maybe even a memory of mom or grandma's one that they sewed on for the family. We might do our own post and then visit each others. Would anyone be interested in this?


I have to travel tomorrow so I had better get some things ready. Hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend. xo

Here is the link to the sewing machines.


ted and bunny said...

I have my lovely mum's Singer machine that she bought the year she married. I use it a lot and I treasure that she would be so pleased. I feel like her hands are still on it.

I do buy old machines and after servicing and cleaning, sell them on. They're one of the most pleasurable things I sell, because they always seem to be so desired and treasured.

Last week I gave a 1919 Singer to my sister-in-law and she's going to show my niece how to work it. I so love that.

Thanks for this lovely post

no spring chicken said...

I'm on image overload... what fun! Thanks for sharing the link.

As for a future post of shared machines or machine tales, of course I'd play. I don't know that I have anything much fascinating to share, but often when I say that I surprise myself and unearth something that I hadn't considered. So, I am in for a challenge, and who knows what I might come up with...

Blessings, Debbie

Michelle said...

That first vintage machine is like a work of art.

Dorothy said...

I bought a Singer back about 1956 and I still use in sometimes. I used to make most all my clothes but not any more. Just use it for small jobs now. I have given some serious thought to making my clothes again, since I can't find any in stores except those made for teenagers!!!

camp and cottage living said...

I would love to join you in a little sharing party! I have two antique machines and do on occasion check them out on etsy. I've got my eye on a turquoise one. Where I would put it, I don't know!
You have a safe trip. Can't wait to hear from you once your unpacked!

Unknown said...

These sewing machines baffle me! I'd need a one-thousand-page instruction manual, or I'd be lost. It probably has something to do with the fact that none of the women in my immediate family are particularly crafty. I always hear people talk about their mom's at the sewing machine, but I don't really have any memories like that. I'm hoping to break the pattern, however, and hope to give my future kids some of those memories. :)

Edward said...

Sewing is as you can probably guess not so much my thing, but I do like the look of some of them especially the first two they are very nice, as for the one you said you wanted sadly I do not have one, but my mother does have an older Singer sewing machine, not like the one in your photo it is sort of built in to a table. As for the memory game I will see if I come up with something.

jean said...

The yellow REVO machine is an industrial jumbo bag making sewing machine, I believe. The thread you see on top is a multi filament thread. You might be able to find out for sure by typing REVO machines in your browser. In any case, the machines are all fascinating. Love the first one.

Debi said...

I remember my Mom with a pedal that you pumped back and forth with your foot when she sewed. I don't have the talent of sewing, but wish I did. I think it has something to do with patience. Have a great little trip. Debi

polkadotpeticoat said...

they are all works of the first one the best.....I was a little down and out!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother sewed, but stopped before I was born. I am the only one in the family who does, now. I hope my daughter's have memories of me and my machine.

Helen said...

This is a lovely post, the history of sewing is amazing. I think some of the Revo machines had automatic oil injectors, but don't know where the thread would go if that bit on the top is oil? I'd definitely be up for the sewing machine post :)

Andi's English Attic said...

That Revo one would look more at home on a garage workbench than a sewing table. What a chunky machine. xx

amira said...

i stumbled upon your post googling for a good photo for my post abt my mom and her sewing machine. The idea to write this came up because of a discussion at So I wrote ...
And bingo - you have the perfect photo. AND I see that you have asked for exactly the same thing I am doing.
Hope you come and read Mother-Machine my strength! @