Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogger Problems, Brainstorming Party

As I visit different blogs, I am hearing that we are still having some problems with Blogger and they seem to be all over the map. So I thought that since we are all pretty clever cookies, we can put our pretty little heads together and share our thoughts, problems and solutions.
Let's get started: Leave a comment of a problem or solution that you have found. Remember this is brainstorming so any thoughts or ideas are welcome....what do we have to lose, really? Even if someone else has left a comment with your same problem, leave yours also.


I will start here with...

* spell check is not working this morning, was working yesterday.

* couldn't make a link on Monday after photo was added, had to delete post and do link first then add photo.

*post will not publish, have to go to edit page and checkmark that post then go to bottom of page and click on publish checked posts. This has been going on for days.

* perhaps the most famous problem - not being able to comment on certain blogs..Answer - Sign out on dashboard, then when you have to sign back in make sure before you do, uncheck the 'stay signed in' box, make sure it is all the way undone. You will have to sign in every time but since I have done it I have had no problems at all with leaving comments...I tested this morning to see if this has been fixed, by checking the box again and it is NOT fixed, at least not for me, so I will keep mine unchecked.


That's it for me, now go ahead and leave your comment and I will do my best to put it in order for all of us.



polkadotpeticoat said...

I can't link things...driving me nuts!
Have a great day Sheri and thanks for working on this.

ted and bunny said...

I have discovered that if you go to the comment settings on your dashboard, and check the pop-up comment box instead of the below-post comment box, having a pop-up comment box seems to enable the facility for people who could previously not comment.

For what its worth, I also downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox to use as my browser and that sorted the rest of my blogger problems.
I'm not tech-y but it was only the click of a button!

Leigh said...

Most of my previous problems were resolved. They actually had to do with Google Friend Connect, but both times the Blogger staff picked up the problem via the Blogger help group, so it was soon resolved.

Awhile I was having problems with commenting, but I switched to Google's Chrome web browser and that seemed to take care of that.

The one problem I have that I can't get an answer to, has to do with my Picasa web album. If I add a photo to my blog from that, I cannot get the alignment correct. If I click to align it left, it goes right. If I click to align it right, it goes left. This might not be so bad, except it messes up the margins so that the text bumps into the image. Still trying to find a workaround on that one.

Leigh said...

P.S. I should add that some other problems were resolved when I
1 - upgraded my template with the new Blogger template designer. I think the codes on some of the old templates are a bit outdated.
2 - updated my post editor (settings > basic > global settings [at the bottom of the page] > select post editor > updated editor)

RDA Pony Tales said...

My followers kept disappearing and reappearing. This seems to be sorted now. My husband said he thought that most of the problems could be related to the browser, so as Ted & Bunny has done, I have downloaded Mozilla Firefox and have not had any other problems.

Monica said...

Hmmm, the only problem I have had lately was that last week some posts were not showing up in my reader. I spent the whole week thinking it was a quiet week in Blogland. Hope your problems are resolved soon!

Vintage Home said...

You are such a help!...Bonus!...Thanks.
Thanks too for your sweet words to Melissa!...Regards Colleen!
p.s. oh you will only be a 30 min drive away from me now!...are you moving there?

Sandra said...

Problem I've been having this whole week and some last week too was the "not letting me publish the post" issue. UGH, so irritating.

Debi said...

Followers have disappeared.

Unknown said...

Sherri, thank you so much for praying for my daughter! She's flying there right now (Thurs.)! So grateful for prayer and my blogger friends!

LOL... I've had blogger issues for a while. Most eventually seem to work themselves out over time, but it can be so frustrating!! Apparently, several of my followers have been unable to comment, my RSS feed would not update (corrected now), and when I go to my own blog to leave a comment, the whole first line that I type in the box cannot be seen until I hit the "tab" button on my keyboard - also to publish the comment, I must tab to the "Post Comment" button and then hit return or it won't publish! And have you noticed how my header picture is slightly to the right of the body of the blog? You can tell I'm a bit of a perfectionist when I say this drives me nuts!

As much as I have complained here, I do like blogger because it's so much easier to use than wordpress where I have to know more html codes (although I think it's more user friendly now than it was).

Princess and the Pea said...

The only problem I've got really is that blogger doesn't have full functionality on my iPad which makes it a pain when I'm travelling. I can write my post in blogger but can't upload any photos. I then have to use an app to add the photos but on the app I can't edit (ie move pics to centre, change sizes etc) and I can't add descriptions to the pics so I then have to go back on to blogger to do that. Then I can't post my blog on blogger so I have to go back to the app! It takes twice as long as it should! Everything seems to work fine when I do it on the computer but I use Safari rather than Explorer so it could be that Explorer is the problem. If I'm doing any kind of web design at work it doesn't work on Explorer but works fine on Firefox.

Kat x

Phyllis Blickensderfer said...

Just surfed by, curious about Paradise. We live there -- Paradise, Texas, that is. I've been receiving updates from Blogger on the comments problem. Changing to IE9 was not a good resolution, but moving to Google's Chrome did make a huge difference. I would suggest that as an interim solution. Blogger has been working on this for three weeks and there is not an estimate of resolution.

By the way, it is very comfortable here in your Paradise. I pray we'll meet in that eternal Paradise for a good chat!

michael ultra said...

I use Chrome and my problems disappeared.