Monday, January 31, 2011

Shots Of Your Pots

This is a fun little suggestion from Floral Designer Jane. She has a lovely blog, SmallButCharming where she shares bits of her life in and around her little home..You'll love it! Anyway, she suggested that we take photos of what we might have in pots or vases or whatever you use to display even some branches....Since all we have growing around here is moss!!, I just picked up some Pansy's and dusted off a couple of my favorite pots.
Nothing fancy and I had to take it outside because, you guessed it, cover.

I wish you could see the true color of these, just a hint or blush of pink. It was the last one or I would have grabbed more, so sweet.

Here is a shot of the African Violets I picked up for mom last week and some of her nice dark chocolate that I brought her today. This photo was taken in her kitchen garden window and still turned out dark (sighing with a frown).
Join in if you like..I think it is just this one time. It was fun and now I have these to take to the Little House tomorrow.
Have a nice Monday.


Princess and the Pea said...

I love pansies! I remember when we were little my Mum gave me and my brother some money to spend on whatever we wanted at the village fete. My brother spent his on a little pansy, just like the one in your first photo!

The only thing I have flowering at the moment is my purple orchid. For some reason, i seem to have a lot of luck with orchids, they are always covered in flowers whereas everything else dies!

Lola Nova said...

I'm afraid all I've got in pots right now is aloe, the stuff reproduces like little bunnies! Oh, and a Christmas cactus that just shed it's last hot pink blooms.

I was just thinking the other day about how many houseplants I used to have in the house. The number was easily 30 or more but, once my girl started to crawl, about 10 found new homes, then once she was walking and climbing, only a few survived and moved on :) She's old enough now but we have lost some space since she came along and I don't know where I'd put them!
Your pansies are lovely, they are such happy little flowers!

flwrjane said...

How did you know I love pansies. i guess we all do.

And that blue pot is to be desired.

Thanks for showing and telling.

xo Jane

D said...

Lovely violets and about the only indoor plant I have had.

Now I shall admit to growing everything outdoors, a landscape filled with all kinds of shrubs and trees and perennials; a vegetable garden stuffed full of healthy plants; but I rescued an African violet on a table ($1.00) but could not bring it back. :(

Michelle said...

Love the pics! Oh, by the way....I know Mom and I can eat the chocolates, but what about the silver dish??? Are you wanting that back? Ha, Ha, Ha!
Just kidding, Mom already told me it was just on loan.

meemsnyc said...

Those are lovely pots! I don't have that many pretty ones, most are those regular terracottas. Pretty flowers too!

Unknown said...

Pretty pots! The sun is shining today (finally!), but I totally hear ya about the cloud cover. I hate it when I have to deal with dark photos. Still, everything looks really pretty, and makes me long for Spring. :)

Heidi said...

I just bought a pot, hmmmmm! What should I plant?

- said...

The colors are beautiful and the dark chocolate wrappers mimic the flowers. Wonderful to look at especially while I see nothing but white outside my window!

Heather said...

Pansies were my grandmother's favorite flower; she loved their sweet little faces.

I love your turquoise pot! I have a couple of house plants I have managed to keep alive... one being a gorgeous gardenia that smells divine when it is in bloom.

Pretty photos!

Floss said...

Lovely! And I have a chamber pot...

Life in Rehab said...

Such beautiful flowers! Nothing brightens February line a few springy blossoms.