Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miss E. Takes A Spill

It was 28 degrees at 8:00 am this morning. Normally, on a chilly day like today, I would look over across the road to Miss E's and see the comfort of a curl of smoke coming out of the chimney of her wood stove, but there is nothing. Sadly, she had a fall a little over a week ago. It was about 10:30 in the evening and she was preparing the guest room for company that would arrive the next day. Apparently she had a tug of war with a sheet and the sheet won and down she went. She reports that the pain was intense and believed that her hip was broken, but that didn't keep her from scooting slowly across the floor to the kitchen to get that tea kettle off of the burner. "Thankfully it was on the front burner" stated Miss E. Then makes a phone call to daughter and eventually the daughter who lives in town shows up and the paramedics are on the way.....But first, the curlers must be taken out and hair fixed before they arrive. - Can you just imagine the poor daughter worried sick but having to do her mothers hair?!

All this happened while we were asleep, she thought we were down at the city house. Anyway, she didn't break the hip but did fracture the top of the Femur and they had to put two pins in. She is now in a Rehab facility and doing very well and will be good as new in about 4 weeks. I am always amazed at the strength of this 83 year 'young' women. Taking care of herself, like walking everyday, doing yard work (weed eating, mowing, gardening etc...) eating right, always doing for others, really does pay off.

We love you Miss E. keep working hard on your therapy....Remember, you have all those Christmas cookies to bake!


Lola Nova said...

Oh dear, I am so glad to hear that she is on the mend. What an amazing woman! Sending along my good thoughts and get well wishes!

Daydream Living said...

this is such a lovely post to read; here I am, on the other side of the world, reading about Miss E, smiling that she will be ok.... life can be so simple, these little posts, about people caring for each other, like you for her, make me smile, thanks for sharing it,
Maureen x

Michelle said...

Glad to hear it wasn't worse.

Privet and Holly said...

Made me think of my
grama, who broke her
first hip when dog sitting
for my parents.....she had
her high-heeled boots on
and was getting ready to
go do errands! She was 87.
Sadly, she broke her other
one three years later and
the trauma of both incidents
brought on dementia. She
now lives in a group home
near my parents, in Vancouver.
Hope Miss E. rebounds quickly!
Sounds like the fracture was
caused by the fall and not the
other way around, which is a

xx Suzanne

RDA Pony Tales said...

Miss E sounds like a remarkable lady. I hope she recovers very soon and will be back home.
Reading this reminded me of my mother, who is 84, putting on her lipstick before the doctor arrived when she had shingles!
Abby xx

Debby said...

WOw, she sounds like my mother. She broke her femur about six years ago and had to go to rehab. Then this year she broke below the pins clear across the femur.....totally detached. Both times she was home alone. Stove going with soup the last time. The first time with my dad that had alzheimers and couldn't understand about getting a phone. This time she used a cane to knock everything off the counter to get to the phone. Wonder she didn't start a fire knocking things around. Well she is 84 and went back to driving five weeks after this trauma.
Amazing the doctors say. Hope Miss E. does as well.

camp and cottage living said...

She sounds like the perfect neighbor to have.
I'm glad it wasn't worse and she will be able to
be back home again.

Unknown said...

Wow. Tough lady. I hope she's well and can get back to her routine again soon.

flwrjane said...

What have we learned from this post?

Let's all up our exercise routines so our bones stay long and strong and don't break easily when we're older and horsing around in our gardens.

xo Jane

Debi said...

Gotta love her generation of folks who are as touch as nails! Bless Miss E. The blogging world is wishing her many good days ahead. I know you can't wait to see that cloud of smoke again.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh how sad.....what a sweet home she has!

Andi's English Attic said...

It does sound as thought nothing will stop this lady. Good luck to her. Hope she's up and about very soon. xx

Rebecca Nelson said...

What a beautiful post...I want to be like Miss E!


miabellavintage said...

The stories I am sure that woman could tell! She sounds like a fiesty one. Hope her therapy goes well, and it should, she sounds tough.

Robins in the Trundle Bed said...

How nice that you care so for your neighbor! God bless that she make a full and speedy recovery! Isn't it funny how we look for certain neighbors to be there or everything just doesn't feel quite right!
Peace & Plenty,
She and Sher(a.k.a. the twins)

Diane Mars said...

Wow that is so strange I just got off the phone with my mom and she threw out her back putting on her fitted sheet... I guess changing a bed can be a scary thing when your in your 80's. Hugs, Diane

Karen said...

I am Miss E's daughter and I am happy to report that she is on the mend and will be home soon! We already have plans for making apple pies - she will peel the apples in her wheelchair and I will make the crust! She is certainly one of a kind and a very special lady!

driftwood said...

get well soon Miss E, lovely to hear you are on the mend, and will soon be baking pies. yum xxx