Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Ketchup Time

What time? I thought we were getting busy with the things that have been put off. I didn't know it was time for lunch.


Oh, so sorry...I meant to say it is "catch up" time, silly me. Yes my friends there are several things that I have been meaning to share with you but have put on the popular back burner (a very crowded place).


Let us start with the happy package that arrived in the mail from my blogger friend, Katieb. She knows I have a fondness for aprons and surprised me with a box with several vintage patterns and some aprons that someone had started and, for whatever reason, not finished (that sounds hauntingly familiar)

This pattern above, is one that my Auntie Ella must have owned as I remember many of her aprons being this style.

I remember one like this too but in blue..her very favorite color.

This full one on the left would be one for me as I need a complete covering when I am in the kitchen. *

These are all so fun and I thank you again Katieb for thinking of me and sending these along, they will be cherished always. Katie has been a busy gal and just finished the finest knitted socks that I've seen. You can see them over at her blog Life on Coyote Hill.


A while ago Heather at My Everyday Graces, honored me with A Stylish Blogger Award and then Clara at Clara's Crochet Room honored me Wednesday with the same. They must be mind readers because in my brain there is a stylish blogger that hasn't come out yet but they can see a glimmer of hope somewhere. Thank you lovely ladies!!


Since I have told you all about myself before, I am going to do something a bit different with this award. I have chosen one blogger that I think is very stylish. I had started to post about her on the day my computer when into fits and was unable to continue and after that..well, you know how that goes...Anyway, now is the time...


Please take a moment to visit Lindsay and her lovely blog A Wooden Nest. She is planning her wedding right now and she still has time to share all kinds of fun and informative things. Lindsay can take the Award, if she cares to, on my sidebar and do whatever she likes with it.


I hope you all find some springtime this weekend.



Heidi said...

I love you for praying in the little Angel!!!! this post is wonderful those apron patterns are the cutest!

jean said...

Nice friend you have. Love the apron patterns and the two photos at the top. So cute! I'll have to check out A Wooden Nest. Will check out the other blogs on this post, too. Thanks for visiting again! Hope the garlic helps your doggies.

Unknown said...

Awh. Hehe. Thanks, Sherri! You're so kind. :)

I LOVE those apron patterns. I've been looking around for vintage and waist apron inspiration lately, thinking it might be a good sewing project to try. With how often I'm in the kitchen, (and how messy I get) it's silly not to wear one.

If you end up making one for yourself, I'd love to see it!

meemsnyc said...

Those apron patterns are so cute! Love it.

Michelle said...

I, too, would need the full covering apron. Who just gets stuff on their lower half? Most of the debri from my time in the kitchen ends up on my upper half. I remember Auntie Ella's aprons, as she always seemed to be wearing one.

Unknown said...

Wow, these vintage patterns are really cute. The ladies all look so stylish and so sophisticated!

Edward said...

How nice of your friend to send you such great stuff and congratulations on your awards.

Leigh said...

Aren't those vintage styles great? I love aprons too, but mine is pretty ho-hum. Congrats on the awards!

Life in Rehab said...

Ahhhh, blogger goodie packages, aren't they just the best?

GardenOfDaisies said...

So fun! Have a wonderful time with the ufo aprons... can't wait to see them finished up! :-)

- said...

That was such a sweet parcel to receive. I am now a new follower of Wooden Nest and will have a good look there this weekend.