Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Start

We have had these seeds for several weeks and by all rights should have started them long before now. Somehow I couldn't get going on it, could it be because the possibility of snow has been in the forecast off and on?!

Yesterday afternoon I pretended that the sun was out and ignored the flooding in the backyard and chicken run and tucked the tiny little seeds in their new little beds and said a prayer asking for quick germination....Thank you Lord in advance.?

Here they are, 144 little beds with sleepy heads dreaming about the day they get to go out to the 'Big Dirt' to play in the sun....We will check on you soon little ones.


I hope some of you have been able to dig around a bit. Have you planted anything new this year or are you sticking to the tried and true?




Unknown said...

Haven't been able to plant anything yet, but soon! The forecast says we're in for some sun. I'll be sticking with tried and true this year (I think). I love seeing little seedling starts. :)

Michelle said...

I love those little's fun to take the hard disks and soak them and *POP* up come these adorable plump little pots.

I want to plant the rest of my seeds and plan on accomplishing this over the weekend. Love that you planted them regardless of the soggy weather. Portland has been just as wet and I am soon going to build an Ark for the chickens.

Valerie said...

Love that you started your plants. You have me motivated to get mine going. Am looking forward to seeing them when they peek out of the soil. :)

Lola Nova said...

What wonderful photos! Our snap peas have finally started coming up! We planted a new kind of potato but, still haven't done anything except lettuces. I want to try a new eggplant this year and not sure what other new things we will try. Still have yet to get all the basics in the ground. Soon!

Leigh said...

I agree, get 'em started! I've actually considering covering parts of the garden with heavy duty black plastic, just to protect it from more rain, LOL.

Life in Rehab said...

Does anything smell as good as playing in the dirt?

Grow, my pretties, grow.

Edward said...

They all look so neat, good luck with them I am sure they will be flourishing in no time.

Princess and the Pea said...

I've started all new this year! Remember my almost finished, plant less, garden last year? Well, I went to the garden centre before I went away and spent a fortune on about 50 plants and filled it in the hope it would have spread by the time I got home! It's looking great! I'll put some photos on my blog soon! I've also got an allotment to get started on so I'll be growing tomatoes, chillis, peppers and stuff soon! I don't even know where to start with it, it's my first time!

K x