Monday, September 17, 2012

Shed Additions

It is a glorious Monday morning here in our corner of the world. A crisp beginning with temps in the low forties but quickly warming up and heading toward the low eighties later.

The dogs and I hung the laundry out and loaded a bag of a few odds and ends and headed up to the Shed.  I  wanted to experiment with a window covering  so this vintage tablecloth was brought along also.

It was easy to get an idea of the effect...a hammer a few nails and that's it...a quick change for sure.

Since there's no electricity in the little Shed, there will be no computer for drafting ideas or journaling...not a problem with this typewriter.

We even had a 'proper' typing table that I had to purchase years ago because "you just never know".

This is what really makes my heart sing...Before we left the City House yesterday, the Mister loaded the treadle machine into the back of his pickup and had it in the Shed by the time the dogs and I arrived...bless his heart!

So many ideas and so much to do, a rug to go down and a few more pieces of furniture is next on the list.  I will share more as we go along, it all must be done before the weather changes, can't wait!

I wish you a happy Monday and ask that you start thinking about casseroles, as I feel some sort of a cookbook giveaway coming on in the next few weeks...perhaps in celebration of the finishing of the Shed.

See you back here soon!  xo


Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

What a fun and cozy space this will be! I'd love to have a little shed of my own.... perhaps an addition to the greenhouse? :)


E.lizabeth said...

oh, wow ... looks good so far. what fun ... making progress & doing things you enjoy. have fun!! big hugs. (:

Lola Nova said...

I love it! I am always a fan of the vintage lace tablecloth/curtain :)
Your shed reminds me of a little rustic studio I used on my dad's old property down by the coast. I spent many an hour writing away by candle light.
Have fun!

Lynn said...

The lace tablecloth looks great on the window and I love your sewing machine! I have G-Mom-B's old Singer. Enjoy your fun space:@)

Karen said...

Singer... I have my Mamas that she bought 'used' back in the late 1960's.
That is what I use now !!

Do you have a heat source in your 'shed' ?
You will have such fun there !!

momto8 said...

have fun with your shed!! you are off to a great start!

Michelle said...

Have fun with the shed. Sounds like such a fun project!

Stephanie said...

What a delightful shed and what fun you will have getting it ready! I love the tablecloth over the window, great idea!

Heather said...

Pretty little window covering... I'm sure it casts a dainty shadow as well!

How fun to have a neat little hide-away-

Miss Holly said...

Oh perfectly heavenly.......I'd like to just get in!!!!

vintage grey said...

So beautiful Sherri! Love the gorgeous lace, and the vintage treadle machine is stunning!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

ted and bunny said...

I'm seriously in love with that shed!

Unknown said...

Your shed is looking cozier and cozier! You're making me want a shed of my own.

Dorothy said...

Love the tablecloth curtain! You are going to enjoy this place so much!

camp and cottage living said...

Is this shed becoming your hide-away?
I love your lace curtain against the rustic wood and the old typewriter, of course.
Casseroles, I love. They're practically a meal and so easy. My husband had never eaten one until he married me. Can you imagine?