Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Desserts for Breakfast

Good day friends. Here we are at the middle of the week already and that means it is time for another blog

share. Today we will be paying a visit to the Bay area in California where we find Stephanie and her happy

place...Desserts for Breakfast..It was comforting for me to find out that there are others who think this is a

fine idea and so it must be embraced.

Let's start out with these treats that remind me so much of my Auntie Ella and all of her variations on bars.

Here, Stephanie uses three things that I can find in my backyard right now, which gives me a good

excuse to make these 'Berry, Apple and Rosemary Shortbread Bars'. (here)

My mouth is watering with these 'Lemon Ricotta Bites' another goodie recipe  that is too good to pass up,

especially since she uses Meyer lemon.....Have I told you that Meyer lemons leave me weak in the knees?

I have seen them at Costco lately and wanted to think up a reason why I should bring them home but

couldn't justify just putting them in a bowl and sniffing them as I pass by.  They are now on 'the list'.

Please indulge me....I couldn't pass up this photo of my beloved hometown, Portland, Oregon, where

Stephanie paid a visit in January.  You can check her report here.

I couldn't leave this out.....Stephanie and her friend Anita Chu, have created this beautiful publication

titled 'sated magazine'.  I own this and must say, it is the most beautiful food magazine I have seen. It really

is more of a book as there are no advertisements and, I promise, you will not be putting this in the recycle!

You can go to this post where she finally gets to announce her 'baby' after having to keep mum for so long.

Congratulations Stephanie on this stunning publication and thank you so much for being a part of our blog



I hope you all enjoyed this blog share and that you will take a moment to go over and see what other special

recipes that Stephanie has to offer.

Have a great day my friends!  xo


Unknown said...

Wow, um... I'm going to be making those berry, apple, and rosemary shortbread bars TODAY. Yes. Right now, in fact. They look delicious.

And I love that photograph of Portland.

Lola Nova said...

Oh good heavens! I now want to make all of those... and I'm hungry!

E.lizabeth said...

hi. i'm curious as to how you find these folks? do you contact them 1st & then do the post or what? those look so delicious. yummy good. i hope to make it to Oregon, one day soon. so many states & places i want to see. so little time. ha. ha!! (:

Stephanie said... enticing! It all looked delicious. Maybe I will have to go bake something now....

Floss said...

Oh, that looks wonderful, and those bars - rosemary? What a great idea. I'm going to look it up. I'd really appreciate your advice on a chicken question I've asked on my own blog - I'm stuck, here, as a newbie!

Lynn said...

Those bars look spectacular! No doubt her publication is a work of art:@)

Karen said...

Those look SO good !!
I've never had rosemary in a cookie before...
Must give these a try !!

Steph (desserts for breakfast) said...

Hi Sherri! Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog! ^^


Katiebee said...

hi sherri!

such beautiful photo's! i love the blog share!

hope you're having a good day my friend~



ted and bunny said...

just off to look at the blog...whilst sneakily eating...dessert for breakfast would you believe! (I thought when I saw the blog title that you'd caught me out!)

Paula said...

Dessert for breakfast, especially pie(!) is always an excellent idea!

I recognized the photo of Portland before I saw the caption. It is my hometown too! Which high school did you go to? I went to St. Mary's Academy in downtown Portland.

Sated Magazine looks incredible! Congrats to Stephanie!

momto8 said...

delicious delicious looking breakfast....would put me in a good mood all day!