Friday, July 8, 2011

Help - Garden Question and A Winner

The garden is doing very well so far and the beets are growing like weeds, well the weeds might be catching up soon!

Here are the very special onions, they are from Miss E. and special because they are the same ones her late husband planted years ago and she saves from her garden every year. I was honored when she parted with some this year to share with us, I will carry on his onion legacy across the road.

Here is where I need help. These started coming up all over the garden as soon as hubby tilled. It was as if I had spread seeds all over and they continue to come up as you can see.

Here they are as they get bigger, in the center you can see the flowerettes forming.

Here they are with the flowers. I went on the internet to see if it might be broccoli rabe, it looks like it might be but I would rather not guess about it and so I ask you what you think?

When I started pulling it and put it in the compost, the chickens went nuts over it and next thing I knew, it was all gone. Every evening I go and pull out more and they wait for me to throw it over the grows very fast. I might add that we have never planted anything like that in the garden so it is a mystery. All ideas welcome.


We have a winner of the Thrifty Hints contest. All of the hints were very good and each a winner in itself so I thank everyone who contributed. To be fare I stepped aside and asked daughter, Kami and her friend Joy, to be the judges. They are both good homemakers and moms to little ones and are on strict budgets, so I felt were well qualified.


Here are their emails:

Kami: I have chosen Lola Nova for the thrifty contest because she not only had one great idea, but 11! I bet she saves loads of money on a regular basis!

Joy: I love that you did a thrifty contest! I like all the ideas Lola Nova had. It makes think I need to adventure beyond only canning jams. :)


Thank you ladies for being the judges.


Congratulations to Lola Nova for putting on that thinking cap and helping us all out and I will get the Book sent out right away.


I hope you all gleaned helpful hints from all of our friends who sent them in, thanks again to you all!


Have a wonderful weekend! xo


Unknown said...

I wish I could help you figure out the identity of that plant, but it's a mystery to me, too.

Congrats Lola Nova!

Lola Nova said...

Thank you so much to Kami and Joy, and thank you Sherri for such a great contest. I am so excited to be a winner!

No clue about the plant though, I hope someone can tell you, I'd like to know as well.

Thanks again!

Dorothy said...

I thought the plant looked like turnip greens and they do bloom yellow flowers if left alone.

Edward said...

Wow your garden looks like it is doing really well, nice job. I am not very good with plants and have no idea about your invader, sorry I can’t be of help. Congrats to the winner.

Yasmine said...

It sure looks like rapini plant. Here is more info about it. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Our broccoli rabe was much larger, but this does look like a brassica, all of which our chickens adore. We have a few wild mustards here, could your plant be something similar? Good luck figuring it out, your garden looks beautiful.