Friday, October 8, 2010

I Need Your Opinion

I have shared this photo before, just a small portion of my growing shop collection. I am having trouble deciding on just having an Etsy shop or offering some of my treasures to you, my readers, before they go out in the big world. To be honest I am feeling very intimidated by Etsy and the bazillion sellers there and all of their wonderful wares. . .there I have said it. Now you all know that I am not the brave, fearless person you thought I was. With that off of my chest I must ask your opinion. . .

Should I offer my treasures here? Do you know anyone who does it and how do you feel about it? I have checked it out and you can put a checkout with PayPal, Visa etc... on your blog.

I would appreciate your input on this. Thanks.


Lola Nova said...

That is a tricky question. I for one, am interested in the tray, cannister and the sheet :)
Anyway...When I look for vintage on Etsy, I usually have something in mind and then if I find something interesting I will look at the person's shop for other goodies. It is a big old Etsy world with so many sellers but, you shouldn't be intimidated. I still manage to sell stuff even with all the gorgeous handmade things offered on etsy. Sure, I'd like to sell more but, I'm just not that good at self promotion, I should work on that.

Still, if you feel more comfortable selling here, I say go for it and give it a try! Just jump in and do it, whether it's Etsy or here, you don't have a lease or a contract so if it doesn't suit you, you can change it. I know you can do it!

Not sure if I was at all helpful. If you want to ask me questions about Etsy, I would be happy to share what I can. Email me any time and best of luck.

Princess and the Pea said...

Hi Sherri, as you know, I was never very successful with Etsy but I think that's just because I'm on the wrong side of the pond and I don't have the time to commit.

I think you just need to remember that you are doing it more for pleasure than cash so just enjoy setting the shop up, seeing that people have "liked" your shop or your items and if it doesn't work out, you've only lost 20 cents per item. If you don't have fun with it then the point is lost.

As for selling stuff on here, why not? You could have a separate page (like the tabs on my blog) called "shop" or something and when you add new stuff, just put a little note on your blog post.

Just have confidence in your wares, you've liked them enough to buy them at some point so I'm sure other people will too!

Good luck with it, take a leap of faith!


Heather said...

Sherri, exciting dilemma you are having. Etsy has been fun for me, but I haven't been as committed as I should to keeping up the shop. I think it would open your items up to more prospective buyers than you may otherwise get. I would be happy to help in any way I can with Etsy. Either way you will have fun getting your wares out to the public:)

Suburban prep said...

you might have a bidding section on your blog. That way you don't even have to go into Etsy.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who tried to sell his craft on his blog and had no luck. What he did was find a website that sold his decorative bottles then did well. I never have used Etsy myself, but imagine it is a good way to go. Good luck either way.

ted and bunny said...

Hi Sherri- what lovely things you have for sale. Is that a cigar-box handbag I see in the background?

Etsy may seem a little intimidating but its also VERY cheap to list.
I use it to sell things at a fixed price that haven't sold on eBay, and the long selling period if very cost-effective. Because its so cheap to list its not the end of the world if the item doesn't sell.
I found the listing process very simple and straigtforward and its a nice framework to work within.

A blogshop is also good but you need to have a large number of followers ti begin with, because your followers/visitors will be the only people who are going to buy from you- at least with Etsy buyers can do a keyword search.
I should've devoted more time to my blogshop (but I got busy with this Vintage Fair I'm organising) but even so I did sell quite a few items from it when I gave it the publicity it needed.

If I can be of any help at all, please just ask.
Have a lovely weekend

Magic Bean said...

Good to hear from you Sherri B, sorry I haven't popped over to you for ages but life has been crazy here for the past couple of months. Hope all's ok with you.

Definately try selling on your blog first, etsy scares me to death too...


Heidi said...

I'm ready to shop, I know this probably was not helpful. You have some very lovely items!

Unknown said...

I wish I could offer some advice, but I haven't a clue! Either way, I wish you luck. You have such a lovely collection.

Sherri B. said...

Dearest Ladies - My heart is warmed that you took time to respond to my plight. Your words of wisdom and good wishes have given me the courage to take a new direction in my simple life. I have decided to. . . do it all! he he.
I have been working on my Etsy shop (yucky set up details that make little Sherri and her ADHD really act up) that will offer most things and Ebay will be another avenue that I will use. My blog will be used to share in advance some things that will be put in the shop...See, you really can have it all.

Thanks for your help, you are the best!