Monday, February 15, 2010

Saving The Chickens

We spent a good part of Valentines Day putting this netting over our garden. An eagle got one of our chickens on Saturday afternoon. It was heartbreaking but part of nature.
It is nesting season here on the islands and so it goes... We gave up the garden so they could have enough room as they are used to going into the field. We have room to be creative and garden elsewhere in the yard. It sure isn't very attractive right now but I will figure something out.

I am off again to the southern clothesline as the yard there is calling for my attention. I will check in later today. Have a good and productive day. Love to all.

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Floss said...

Wow - I remember putting up netting with my dad once, over a large section of raspberry bushes - I can imagine how much work you had to put in to get this done!

Although I realise they must cause you problems, I am mainly envious that you live in an area with eagles...

Thanks for your kind and very positive comment on my post today. I like your outlook!