Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Missing In Action

Sorry about being missing in action. Daughter is having motherhood meltdown (middle child, terrible 2's) so spent the day trying to help her sort some of it out. I am seeing that laundry is the bad boy in all of our lives and I forgot how fast it can get out of hand...She is doing great with it but when things fall apart it is the folding and putting away that starts to pile up. That seems to be the common complaint I read on the blogs....let us try to look on the bright least they have clean clothes.
The weatherman has a sunny report for days and it's about time!! I am so looking forward to visiting the line. I will try to post some pics but not quite sure about it on my laptop.
There was a great post about Ash Wednesday by Floss at Troc, Broc and Recup. She has a great blog and always has a variety of interesting things to share from France. She is also a good friend in leaving nice comments to many. Thanks Floss. ( hope the link works as it is the first time I have tried that little trick ).
I will check in later as the laundry is calling to me.

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