Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello all. I am down at the southern clothesline and I must say the weather in the Portland/Vancouver area isn't any better than it has been up north. I took one picture but I am not sure how to put it on my laptop so I will wait until I get back to The Little House on Sat.

This is my first time back since we left the day after Christmas so everything is still very 'festive'. I am so thankful that I picked up that nice tree that does not need water (I am not going to say the "A" word) though I do miss the nice smell. I spent part of the day taking the balls off the tree. It never fails that I tear up when the beautiful vintage balls go back in the boxes. Every year I promise myself that next years tree will be even prettier and maybe have ALL of the balls on it....that would be spectacular....maybe one year, yes, one year I will.

Have a restful evening.

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