Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr. Sad Cloud Face

Not such a great weather day but a good day to make Mr. B. his corned beef and cabbage. I am making it because I love him not because I really want a Nikon D40 that would make my photos really good. I just want to make that clear...

About my photo placement problem...I consulted with my photo literate, Nikon D40 using beautiful daughter who suggested perhaps planning the layout in advance like she does might be more helpful...I see her point but sometimes I think of things while I am tapping the old keys and I say to myself...we could share with our new friends this story and photo. So problem only partially solved. I WILL figure a way out, those pictures will eventually end up going where I want them to one way or another.....Off to start the Yummy dinner. Back in the morning

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