Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Me At The Line

Welcome to my very first post. Today I decided that it wasn't right for me to visit all the inspiring blogs and not contribute myself. I know you are all kind and gentle souls and will be patient with me as I take my first baby steps. What a challenge to try to make my blog as beautiful and clever as all of yours...I now realize that will not be happening any time soon, but my desire to join you all in sharing parts of life will get me over my opening night jitters.

One of my most favorite things to do is hang out my laundry, it always makes me smile and feel all is right with the world. With that said, I have made a challenge to prove once and for all that it doesn't always rain in the Northwest. Every morning I will take a picture of the clothesline and we will just see how many days the laundry is out and how many days it had to visit the dryer. I will try to do this for 365 days or until you all get sick of it and say " enough, no more meet me at the line, we admit that it is not such a bad place after all." I am sooo excited about getting this started that I think my shyness is starting to vanish....yes indeed I do believe that we will all become fast friends on this new adventure. See you in the morning! Love to all.


Our Lady of Perpetual Stitching said...

How gratified I am to be able to leave the very first comment on your shiny new bloggity blog! Just as you were the first to comment on mine. What fun!
Now let me just say I do love your laundry photo. If I had such a beautiful place to hang my laundry I would. Oh yes, I would. My confession is that I love to iron. Well, I love to iron pretty things. Vintage linens. I believe I see just those items on your line. I bet they smell lovely when you bring them in. Unless they are wet from the rain. I kid, I kid.
You are off to a fantastic beginning. I'm off to make myself a follower!

Kami said...

Very nice picture!! And a great start to blogging...

Sherri B. said...

Thank you so much for being my first comment maker dear Lady. I also love to iron, I will iron anything as I find it very relaxing. About your linens on my line.. Yes they would smell lovely especially if it rains and you leave them out until it finally gets sunny like we do here in the NW. I kid too. Silly me. Thanks again!

Sherri B. said...

Kami, how nice of you to stop by and make such a nice comment. It shows that you must have been raised with great care by a fine mother who taught you that it doesn't take much time to say a few kind words. You are a good girl!!

Katiebee said...

Hi Sherri!

Nice blog~ Love,love,love the clothesline pic.
I found your blog through
I look forward to following your blog!

Think Spring,