Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dirt Under The Nails

Hello my friends, so sorry that I have been missing for a few days. Things have been busy, busy around here lately. I laugh at myself every Spring for being caught off guard at how much work there is to do...silly me.

Every day brings more accomplishments and I am always pleased when the window boxes are done and look forward to everything filling in nicely.

The raised beds in the garden are all waiting for all of these little gems to take up residence today.  I worked on it until dark last night to make for a proper welcome.

I found a few 'new to me' kinds of tomatoes that I will tell you about later, it should be fun to see how they work out.

On a sad and upsetting note..Sunday, sometime in the middle of the night the Mr.'s Company truck was prowled right in the Little House driveway.  Some company property was taken but the worse thing is my honey had left his hearing aids in there and they were taken. 

We were very angry to find, right on the drivers seat, among the items left behind, a cigarette butt, with a chewed filter....just like our yard man leaves behind on our drive when mowing.  Also, keys were taken, thank the Lord they were work keys and not our house keys, but you know that he thought they were our house keys to be used later to rob our home.

Moral of this story, even if you think that you live in the country on a nice, sweet rural road, don't be fooled by..."It won't happen here".

Well, enough of that, there is work to do in the garden and lawns to mow and life to live.

Enjoy the rest of your week.  xo


Kami said...

Those chard plants are absolutely beautiful and it looks like it's sunny there? It's pouring here!

camp and cottage living said...

Your window boxes are beautiful!
I'm so sorry to hear of the thieving that happened right under your noses. Who can you trust these days?
And who in the world can wear someone else's hearing aids anyway?

Unknown said...

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about his truck. It must feel like such a violation. I always feel really vulnerable when something of mine is stolen or broken into. I hope that situation resolves quickly for you all.

Your window boxes are beauuuutiful! I love spring, but wow... it's a lot of work! Especially living in a home for the first time. I love it though. :)

E.lizabeth said...

sorry to hear about the truck that is terrible. why do folks do what they do? makes no sense. so nuts. i hope things will be resolve very soon. i guess the cops are involved & will figure it all out?

looks like you are having a ball in garden. so fun!! enjoy! ( :

Unknown said...

Your garden is a great inspiration to get going on our garden. It looks beautiful and can't wait to see what it produces!

Alison said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the truck prowl. That kind of thing always leaves you feeling violated and scared. I can't understand taking the hearing aids. Those things are usually custom-made to fit.

Lynn said...

Your window boxes look great Sherri! So sorry to hear about the break-in, especially the hearing aids. Someone broke into my home and stole some jewelry and a change jar a couple years ago, you never lose that feeling. Take care:@)

Paula said...

So sorry about the break in. I hate that violated feeling. And hearing aids are so expensive to replace, too!

The plants are gorgeous! I love the blue flower boxes. The veggie starts are so promising!

Vintage Home said...

oh my goodness will the meanness of some people never cease? so sorry this happened to you. grrrr.

I am loving your flower boxes..Love the colour of the geraniums!

Lap Dog Knits said...

your boxes are pretty..

sorry to hear that someone broke into the truck...
side note: company insurance policy should cover for the hearing aids..under their auto or possible general liability...worth checking..those little gems are expensive!!

ted and bunny said...

so sorry you had that shocking find Sherri. xx

Lori P said...

How disgusting! (the robbery, not the window boxes as they are looking might fine)

I'm impressed with your gardening skills. Perhaps you'd like to travel to the Atlanta area?

Enjoy your day my friend.

Teri said...

Hi sorry to hear about the break-in! Absolutely love your window boxes! So, so pretty! Enjoy your spring day! Hugs ♥ Teri

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Beautiful garden and window boxes.
it feels so good to have them done and looking spectacular.

I am so sorry about the truck and missing items. How tragic that people can be so low to steal other's belongings. You are so right about being safe. You would think living out in the country, we would be more safe...No so. Hang in there. I am thankful they don't have your house keys. Hugs, Linda

Dorothy said...

Spring really does bring on lots of work! Must be why I like Fall so much:)
I'm so sorry about the thief! Be careful out there!

Reginas Cottage said...

love your flower boxes!!!!
have a great weekend,

momto8 said...

stinks about the break in..happened to us a few times, right in out drive way in the of suburbs Americia!
Love your window garden..and your whole garden!!!! we planted squash, zucchini and peppers fun fun!!!

momto8 said...

p.s Happy harvesting!!!

polkadotpeticoat said...

Thats horrible, so sorry to hear that!
We had this happen to us 3 times when we lived down there and its so unsettling......Love your flower boxes! Heidi

A Magical Whimsy said...

So sorry about the thievery... that's not nice to have to deal with.
Glad to see some good suggestions from other people to help out with the situation.
I am a new follower of your blog, and love the Lord too.
Teresa in California