Monday, May 27, 2013

Decoration Day

I remember, throughout my childhood, the serious task of preparing for "Decoration Day". My great grandmother, grandmother and great aunt would gather the containers, ribbons and finally the flowers and greens that would go into loving remembrances.

The car was loaded up with all of the thoughtful bouquets on the "real" date of May 30th (they never approved of the changes of name or date of this solemn day) and off they went to visit the many cemeteries. All friends and loved ones that had passed on  received a special arrangement, not just ones that served our country. The entire event would take up a good part of the day

Today I will go with our son, daughter and some of the grandchildren, to Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, pictured above and visit my fathers grave who served in WW II.

 Wishing you a happy Memorial Day in what ever way you are celebrating.

 Much love and hugs to you all.


polkadotpeticoat said...

I use to always get choked up when we would drive by all the rows.....Hugs to you too, Sheri
take care, Heidi

Lynn said...

Decoration Day is such a neat idea! Hope you had a great Memorial Day Sherri:@)

Vintage Home said...

Oh Sherri thank you for sharing this. So wonderful, what a beautiful tradition.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, dear Sherri, for sharing this. I do hope your day was blessed!

Love and hugs!

no spring chicken said...

A beautiful and meaningful tradition! God bless..


momto8 said...

what a tribute to those who kept us free.

Delvalina said...

oh how fun!
It's cute thing that you still remember your childhood and sharing in this post.



Lynn Proctor said...

this is beautiful <3

Teri said...

Dear Sherri...when I was young I too remember the preparations that my gramma, my mom and my aunts would make. The fruit jars filled with flowers from my gramma's flower gardens and flower bushes were loaded into the car and with all of us kids and off to the cemeteries we would go.

We still go to the cemeteries and decorate the graves ... but now we are decorating the graves of those who taught me so well how to remember those so important to us.

Thank you for sharing ... such precious memories!

Hugs ♥ Teri

vintage grey said...

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! A beautiful tradition! Thank you for carrying it on! Have a lovely and crafty day! xo Heather

Leigh said...

You know, we never acknowledged Decoration Day. That's too bad because I think it helps give meaning to the holiday.