Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tree

It is almost done. The Tree, the jewel box of our Christmas, my treasure. I wish you could see it in person when it is fully loaded and glistening. It takes many hours but is most definitely a labor of love and well worth it to see the joy it brings to my family.

I never know when enough is enough and always see an empty spot or two
that need just 'a few more small ones'. Finally time runs out and I have no choice but to say "It is finished".
As you can see, the bottom still needs to be done, but for now the bed is calling and so I shall say goodnight to you all and hope you are enjoying all of your holiday preparations.


Monica said...

Oh, it looks beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Wow, it's beautiful! Well done. :)

ted and bunny said...

an absolute jewel.
be well
be happy

Princess and the Pea said...

Oh it looks lovely Sherri. I love putting the tree up! Mine is all in ice blue, silver, pink and purple and everything is glittery! I love it... especially when all the presents go under it!

Unknown said...

That is a work of love and art. Absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas.

Heidi said...

It looks perfect all a glow...Have the merriest
of Christmas's

Lola Nova said...

How gorgeous! Merry Christmas!

Floss said...

Wow, it's wonderful! Our living tree will be coming in tomorrow afternoon, but I don't think it will quite end up looking like this!

mamas collection said...


Michelle said...

I can hardly wait to drink in its beauty on Christmas Eve in person! Way to go sis!

Jo Dumoulin said...

It's beautiful Sherri.. just beautiful.
Have a fantastic Christmas... even if we do all get soaked to the skin. ;o)
Much love
Jo xx