Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Little Church

Calvary Chapel Oak Harbor
Sunday mornings find us traveling to another island to go to church. Fidalgo Island, where we live, is attached to Whidbey Island by the Deception Pass Bridge so no ferry needed. It takes about a half an hour to get there but it is a very scenic drive so no complaints.

This is the view we have when we step out of the church, the doors open to this. Thank you Lord!

The Pastor is so popular that even the local gulls attend, it's a full house so standing room only.

If you have a church photo that you would like to share I would be happy to post it. It can be any church that you like. Send me a photo or a link to your blog if you have posted it there.
I hope you all have a happy, productive Monday. I will be busy today in usual preparation for the trip south so I am tying on my skates as I type.


Lola Nova said...

How pretty! I would like to spend more time in the area where you live, it is so beautiful out there and what a sweet little church.
I hope you have a safe journey south.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you have a bridge! Ferries up here in Canada for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands want an arm and a leg for the price of a ferry. I heard your ferries don't cost as much. Getting off this island for our family is close to 200 bucks!

Debby said...

Loks like a beautiful place to live.

Jo Dumoulin said...

Gorgeous location.. will you go there for midnight mass on Christmas Eve.. ?? or is that not a tradition where you live.
I went to school next to a church.. well attached actually, it was a convent.
St Mary of the Angels.. but it was a town centre church and not the prettiest on the outside. Midnight Mass was glorious though, with all the carols, and the kids allowed to stay up.. happy memories.
Here in Comox there's only one pretty church.. but it is Anglican so we might see if they have a midnight carol service this year.
Jo xx

Heidi said...

What a beautiful church I miss that up here all the churches do not have steeples!
You have to sign up for my giveaway Momma!!

Life in Rehab said...

The view is just amazing! And very different from the islands here.