Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Rare Rant

Please bare with me for a short rant.  Normally, I try to keep this blog free from downer details but I would be amiss if I didn't share this.

Isn't it nice that we have a money tree in Washington D.C..?  Do you know what fertilizes that money tree?

Would you like to see all of that 'free money' in action?  

You can find it right here...go ahead, take a look.

Thanks to the lawmakers in the House of Representatives, a 'Clean Bill' passed, raising the debt ceiling once again, with no strings attached... on it goes to the Senate to be passed then to the President for his signature.  Here is the link for full info.

Can any of you imagine what your financial situation would be if you just kept getting one credit card after another and every time you got to the borrowing limit on the last one, you just go ahead and get another ?!!!  Yes, you are all comes to a screeching halt eventually.

We had better prepare our children and grand children to be hard workers and not mind turning all of it over to the government because 'payback time' is coming.
Thanks for listening.  xo

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Leigh said...

This is a righteous rant. Problem is, the reality and the consequences never touch the politicians.

Lola Nova said...

We all deserve a good rant every now and then. And a good one it is!

Beth said...

Wednesday is the official blogging rant day and you picked a doozie of a rant. I so agree with you!

sweetvintageofmine said...

We are IN DEEP......this nation is in a serious crisis and Washington's answer is lets get into the healthcare business... It's EASY spending someone elses money....that's Washington D.C.s thinking. The WORKING man pays for everything....Oh Sheri, don't get me started.....

Lynne said...

Oh Sherri!

You are "spot on" with your rant, my friend! You actually made my day!

I have a feeling that you and I would be pretty close to "eye to eye" over a cup of coffee or tea and a little political discourse.

The last time they didn't pass the debt ceiling the media was unmerciful to party that didn't support it, instead addressing the waste in Washington.

The burdon of the affordable healthcare act is on the middle class workers who do not have lobbyists (cronies) that are tight knit with those leading our country right now. I have viewed the desparity. For a leader that says he is for income equality, he just robbed income from millions of long time, hard working Americans.

People are piling into our country and receiving free health care. They pull up to their physicians offices in
F150's's, Mercedes and Lexus's.

Seniors who never worked a day in this country are getting free healthcare while those that worked here until 65 years are managing to pay their 20%.

I am particularly concerned because the president has unilaterally made 27 changes to THE ACA LAW. Scary. Of course his cronies got their pass. He said he was going to be different, transparent and if we liked our healthcare we could keep it.

I don't think that the average American realizes what is going on.

Mr D and I just returned from a week in Canada and were quite enlightened with some of the news coverage about America up there.

I am completely for COMMON SENSE. Our politicians lost that long ago!

Maria Cantwell is more concerned about the name of a NFL team that is not even in our state. I think that she has bigger fish to fry, and I thank the NFL for reminding her about that!

We need to fire everyone and start over. I am soooo for term limits.


camp and cottage living said...

You can't imagine how many times I've visualized writing a similar post, but let it pass!
Everything is so topsy turvy, upside down, and backwards to how it should be.
We would be put in jail if we ran our personal lives the way the government runs the country.

NanaDiana said...

I can't even comment. I am afraid if I start writing about it I won't quit. People need to WAKE UP but we have become a country of complacency and let people make decisions FOR us that have huge EFFECTS ON us! You are right on track with this post!!!! xo Diana

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