Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Accidental Collection

It all started, quite innocently, several years back. I do believe it was all Martha Stewarts fault..yes, I think we shall blame her, I'm sure she won't mind in this case.

It was the show she did on decorating sugar cookies with the royal icing, perhaps you remember it. The glossy pastel colors, perfectly done and looking like a piece of art, it got into my brain and never left.

At that time, I had never done sugar cookies and did not own one single cookie cutter.

I set out right away to find a few interesting ones to begin with.

This moose was my very first one and quite large...with a large price tag too.

This elephant was the second one to be added, just as large and equally expensive.  At this rate, I felt that my pocket book would not allow many more.

Thankfully, I soon discovered that the local thrift shops would have them now and then in small bags with an assortment inside....Mental note:  "Pick them up when you see them".

So, pick them up I did...every time I saw them.

I would come home and stick them in the baking cupboard or a drawer.

I added and added until I had lost track....Then, on my last trip down to City House, I found a large container with two unopened bags of cutters.  I was confused since I had just seen these at Little House. 

Ha, you know where I'm going with this don't you?

You are right, I had collected and added for so long that it just became a habit and I simply lost track of having 'enough'.

So, when I came across this at the thrift shop last week, I thought it over at did what I knew I must do.

Added it to the 'Accidental Collection', of course!

Do any of you have a cookie cutter collection or any kind of 'Accidental Collection'?  I would love for you to share about it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, first week of Fall!



Astro & Mitzie said...

I don't have a collection of cookie cutters. Now my sister does have a rather exorbitant amount of measuring cups and spoons.
Gotta love the moose cookies cutter you have.


Katiebee said...

so good to hear from you~ i do have cookie cutters~ a few for each holiday but i have never seen a witch like the one you have, love it!
martha does make that cookie decorating look rather easy doesn't she~
wishing you a relaxing weekend



Lola Nova said...

Ha ha! I had a good chuckle picturing you with your accidental collection. How wonderful! I do have a collection of them myself. A few of them belonged to my grandmother, some to my mother, and I have added to them over the years. I'll have to unpack them as it is getting much cooler and cookie baking weather is upon us.

Lynn said...

I have a huge tin of cookie cutters too! The only thing is, cookies don't seem to turn out well for me... I'm always on the look-out for that "perfect" sugar cookie recipe:@)

camp and cottage living said...

Your cookie cutters make a neat collection.
I have many of the same ones. They were given to me from my mother and where from my childhood, so I treasure them!

vintage grey said...

A wonderful and sweet collection!! I have a couple vintage wooden handle Christmas ones, and would love to collect more!! Happy weekend to you!! xo Heather

Stephanie said...

Oh I love your cookie cutter collection. My mom used to have a huge, and I mean huge, basket of cookie cutters in her kitchen. I remember playing with them when I was a child. She finally got rid of most of them and I miss seeing them in her kitchen. Thanks for sharing with us. sweet friend. Have a great weekend. Hugs to you!

Lynne said...

I do have a collection!
Some belonged to my grandmothers!
For years, I hung a garland over the kitchen window at Christmas to display them!
Your collection is fabulous!
Stay warm and dry, my friend!

Leigh said...

I loved this post because I can't resist cookie cutters either! And it's funny because I never bake sugar cookies but I can't resist collecting the cutters anyway, LOL. You do have a really nice collection, BTW.

Lynn Proctor said...

so funny, i was just looking at a wonderful gift set of fall cookie cutters yesterday and i was telling robyn she should get them for her "mil" she is a baker--last Christmas, robyn gave her a neat bag full of vintage cutters---yours are so beautifully displayed!

Lori P said...

That moose is the bomb! And I blame Martha Stewart for a lot of things. ;) Enjoy your week.

Unknown said...

I think cookie cutters make for an admirable collection. I can tell it will be a collection of mine, too, starting with the autumn leaf cookie cutters I purchased for my wedding pies a couple years ago.

I LOVE your elephant cutter! So fun.