Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A LIttle Birdie Told Me

I made it! Not only did I really 'make' it, but I actually made it to the self imposed deadline for today.

Completing the pot holders on time was not without a bit of anxiety.  When I chose the fabric, the little pile looked oh so good all together and I had grand(iose) visions of the perfect hand protectors that I would be creating.

Then, that all too familiar, uninvited guest, Mr. Doubter, came to pay a visit.  He said all of the right (or wrong) things, reminding me how long it has been since I have made anything without a pattern and pointing out how there is way too much green in the fabrics...even adding a chuckle at the end of the sentence.

I told him that this was just for fun and not some contest that I was entering and after all it was only meant for practical use in the kitchen not a piece of clothing to wear out side. 

With that said, he came back with the most biting remark..."No one would be caught dead in those colors, that's for sure!"

Seeing that he accomplished his mission for the day, he bid farewell, poking at some fabric and knocking to the floor with his walking stick.

It wasn't but a few seconds after the door closed, that I heard a sweet voice coming from the buffet.  It was the little birdie..she was pointing out that many of the colors in the fabrics were in her feathers also and she hopped down to the sewing machine to show me.

Sure enough, it was all very clear to me once again, as plain as day really, the reason why I chose all of those pieces...they made me happy, simple as that.

Now that I have that all sorted out, we can begin the giveaway.

Along with the potholders I will be adding the yellow doily too.  The little birdie will also be included, so when Mr. Doubter comes to visit you, Little Birdie can set it all right again just like she did for me.

Giveaway guidelines:

Starts today and ends next Tuesday, winner will be announced Wednesday.
Just leave a comment and you are entered.
That's It.

Hope you are all having a good week.  Our summer has been fantastic here in the Pacific Northwest.  It reminds me of when I was a child in Portland..the summers were so hot that my bare feet would make prints in the asphalt and there would actually be bubbles on the street too...Come to think of it I must have had asbestos feet!  Anyway, the winters were great too..sledding in the street and snow drifts up on the house and in the yard, I loved it.

See you all soon.  xo 


Lynn said...

Your pot holders turned out great! Is there such a thing as too much green??? Don't think so! Thanks for the fun give-away:@)

vic said...

They are lovely. There is never enough green around my house. Pot holders, green or otherwise, are always welcome.

Victoria in Indiana

Katiebee said...

i love em'! they are bright & cheery & would a sweet addition to any kitchen...well done you!



prince snow farm said...

My best friend and I used to dig an imaginary pit and put things in there when we didn't like them. Old boyfriends, ugly clothes, mean people. We'd say it was "goin in the pit". Mr's a good thing you are not mine to put in the pit!

How lovely! The colors are gorgeous and perfect together. I love every square inch.

Astro & Mitzie said...

I adore the "green fabric' actually would make a fun skirt for summer.
But as pot holders would be used everyday.

Seattle, WA

Michelle said...

I would love your posts even if you weren't my beloved big sister. You are so clever and knacky and down right cool!

I want those potholders! But, alas, I must go through the same steps as everyone else.

That little bird would have her wings full with all my doubts running around in my head....LOL!

Lynne said...

There is no doubt that the winner of this collection of "handmade happiness" will be cheerfully chirping like that sweet little bird! The best of luck to all...(fingers crossed behind my back!)

Hope you are feeling better, Sherri B!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! And the greens are perfect.

It HAS been a lovely summer, hasn't it? I'm a little sad to see it go. That is, until I remember how much I love fall. :)

D said...

Are you kidding me?!! I LUV the fabric_like a patchwork quilt_and only an artistic eye could define and put those together. Beautiful!
The doubter should not be permitted near your sewing room. ;)

Hope your week is a good one and that your weekend is even better. I'm hearing "thunder" as I type... unusual, don't you think.

Stephanie said...

My dear, sweet Friend, your potholders are gorgeous! The colors are simple beautiful together and I think they are "happy" colors :) You did a wonderful job. I love the sweet bird. Please do not enter me into the giveaway because I have already won a delightful cookbook from you :) Thinking of you. Love and hugs!

Vintage Home said...

love the fabric! Great job!

camp and cottage living said...

I think they turned out great Sherri!
I have a little birdie the same size as yours. I wish he'd start talking to me the way yours does!

Lori P said...

I saved this all week on Bloglovin so that I could comment! Such a sweet post and me thinks the birdie is right...very adorable potholder. The colors are lovely.

Paula said...

I love the colors. I will tell Mr. Doubter to take a hike! The little birdie will find a home in my china cabinet, if I win the giveaway!

Such a pretty post, Sherri!

Lola Nova said...

Well done you! I think that little birdie is quite smart. I love them!

vintage grey said...

They are so sweet Sherri!! I love green and love your pot holders!! Thanks for such a sweet and pretty giveaway!! Happy weekend! xo Heather