Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Happy Monday my friends. I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. We had a blast with two grand kids birthdays and the activities that go with.

 I don't need to remind anyone of the dreadful week that our nation has just endured, we will not soon forget it. My heart is heavy, for those that have been directly affected and for all of us as a country....I remain in prayer.

 Feeling helpless, I search for things in my own control and always come back to the home. I will feather my nest more carefully, help my neighbors more, plant extra flowers, perhaps iron my pillow cases.

There is just something about the clothesline that seems to set things right.

Seeing my linens blowing in the wind, well, it just puts me at peace.

As I was hanging up my last piece, I heard geese...many geese, and looked up...There they were, I have never seen so many at one time and could barely get them all in this shot, the sound of that many was amazing!

They were all heading North, perhaps to Alaska, just as they always do every year...and life goes on as usual.

When you feel that life is out of your control, do you have anything special you do to get a handle on it?

Wishing you all some simple pleasures today.  xo


Stephanie said...

Hello dear Sherri,

I love seeing pictures of the laundry on the line :) There is something wonderful about fresh linens that have been outside.
When things seem to be out of control or disheveled in life, I play the piano :) I play when I'm sad, upset, happy, thoughtful... I guess you could say that is my "therapy." When I am done playing, I am always ready to face the issue.

Love and hugs,

Debby said...

I feel the same way, just lost. I am trying to move on do things but when I am home my mind keeps thinking about it all. It will get better for us but not for those involved. I guess we need to pray and just keep the hope.
That is alot of geese.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I was "unplugged" this week while on a bird watching trip and missed all the bad news. I think it saved me a lot of anguish. Nature can do a lot to heal our wounds, if we let it. The sight and sound of those geese would do it.

Lola Nova said...

What gorgeous photos of your linens on the line. I do try to seek solace in the simple things and my family. I also like to think of all of the goodness in people, how so many offer up what help they can without thought for themselves, and that makes me feel better.

Shine said...

Beautiful photos. I too have this yucky feeling inside....also...more thankful for all the blessings in my life...the ones too easily taken for granted. The geese...WOWEE!!! that was a blessing in and of itself! Not many get to witness that sight:) Hope you have a peaceful evening...Shine

Lynn said...

That is a lot of geese, and honking I'm sure:@)

Dorothy said...

I always love to hear the Geese honking as they make their way on their paths of migration.
Your linens look nice blowing in the wind and I'm sure they smell nice, but I'm hung up on using the dryer.

vintage grey said...

Such beautiful photos!! So glad your weekend was wonderful with the grand kids!! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

wendy said...

I think those geese may have passed right over my place....on their way to Alaska.
So much tragedy in the world sometimes that pains us,
But we can only sometimes briing peace and control to our "little space" in this world

ted and bunny said...

how funny Sherri, when I took the clean shets from the washing line yesterday and put them on the bed, I thought how lovely and "in control" it felt, just doing a simple thing...I've never thought that before. And then this morning I read your post!

Lynne said...

I can smell the fresh linens and hear the Canadian geese as they return home.

How beautiful was our Monday, dear Sherri B!

I sip a coffee or tea and remind myself of life's ordinary miracles, and count my blessings.

I miss my clothesline.

Paula said...

I love the look of laundry drying in the sun and the smell of the breeze on them when you take them down! Unfortunately, we don't have an outdoor clothesline...maybe I'll put one up this summer!

The geese have been abundant in our wetlands - tons of them! Ducks and swans too - on their way north!

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hey Sherri, I agree, there is something about clothes on a clothes line! It GRABS my HEART! I enjoyed reading your post, there is something about the comforts and simplicity of home and home life.....I too, pray for our nation..but those who believe the Bible knows what is ahead...but GOD is with us. I replied on my blog/post to you about the "apron" curtain. I too, think it's adorable! Happy Hunting! Blessings to you and your family~~~Roxie

Kami said...

When I want to feel safe, I actually lock my doors at night (gasp!). Very pretty pictures, by the way!

prince snow farm said...

I love the freeing feeling of the linens on the line. When I feel life is out of control, I sometimes go to bed early, and just laundry, no dishes, just blogs or a good book or magazine. And of course a comfy pillow and comforter.

Lynn Proctor said...

thanks so much sherri for those lovely peaceful simple everyday gifts :)

Vintage Home said...

We share in your grief and sadness over the events in Boston. Thankfully goodness & grace are our constant goals. And the beauty we have around us....
Like you wonderful images of the darling pin bag, so hip & vintage. And the beautiful breezes that blown in the new sunny weather.
I am so happy for the geese travel north, aren't we in for better weather now!
Such wonderful sun today!
Thank you for dropping by & leaving your sweet comment, I would love to see images of your milk glass, the ones I have on my blog are off to our booth!

Reginas Cottage said...

beautiful pictures photo of your linens on the line.i love simple things like listen to the birds,watching my dog or walking in the nature.
blessings regina

Unknown said...

Wow, what an incredible shot of the geese! And I always love your laundry line photos. Beautiful. So happy the sun is shining today.