Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jack Chooses Winner

Hello my friends, hope you are all having a fine week so far. We have a winner for the Country Living Magazine subscription.

Jack asked if he might be the one to help out with the drawing...He's so sweet, he has never had a bad thought in his whole life. His sister Maggie, would beg to differ with that though.

You can tell he takes this very seriously....OK, go for it Jack and let's see who you come up with....

The winner is, Leigh!!  Congratulations my friend, please email me your address and I will get that subscription going.  If you have never been to visit Leigh, I encourage you to stop by "5 Acres and a Dream"
where she shares her life with her husband as they work on their homestead with a goal of a simpler, more self reliant life style.  You will love the stories of her goats and the chickens and learn a thing or two as she shares in the ups and downs of remodeling and house repairs.

Today is supposed to be 'Blog Share'.  I am sorry to say that I had to trash the one I was working on.  I was almost ready to pull it all together this morning when I came across some 'language' and then some more.  I find it hard to understand the need for that in a food and photography blog!

I have plans to go to Kami's and plant some Kale in the garden with the grand kiddos, so there is no time  to put together another blog share.  Next week I will be more careful in examining the contents of the posts.

Have a great day my dear  friends!  xo


LauraJane:) said...

What a fun way to choose a winner...THANKS Jack!

Katiebee said...

such a cute post sherri! congrats to leigh~

i just cut kale from our garden! pioneer women has a great recipe for pan fried kale~
enjoy your visit with kami!



Michelle said...

Congrats to Leigh! It is a great magazine!

Leigh said...

Good job Jack! LOL. Seriously SHerri, thank you so much.

Lynn said...

Always good to have the pets earn their keep! Congrats to Leigh:@)

vintage grey said...

Congrats to Leigh!! So cute is your dog! :) xo Heather

camp and cottage living said...

Oh darn, that was too bad!!
Congrats to Leigh and have fun with the g'kids!

Vintage Home said...

Yeah Leigh!
Happy day for her! And have fun with the GRANDS!

momto8 said...

a good win for her..and a fun picker!!

Lynn Proctor said...

haha so clever--i love it;)

Lola Nova said...

Congratulations to the winner!

Have a wonderful time with your family! That reminds me, time to plant the fall veg!