Friday, June 8, 2012

With Needles Poised

It has finally happened. I have caught the bug... it was inevitable and there was no sense

fighting it anymore.  Too many of you, my lovely knitting friends, kept tempting me with your

posts about your latest projects and I found myself yearning for the comfort of that soft yarn

and the clicking of the needles, I can feel the calmness coming over me just thinking about it.

Off to town I went and this is what I chose to use for my first project. It will probably be a

dishcloth, hopefully it looks like one when I'm done. Can't wait to get started, perhaps on

Monday I will have something to show you.

Have a happy weekend (I have been mistakenly typing WEEDend...wonder what's on my mind?)! xo


Lynn said...

Great colors-have fun:@)

Sandra said...

I LOVE the color you picked and I think that will make a really cute dishcloth, can't wait to see the finished project :)

vintage grey said...

Yay, you are going to have so much fun!! Can't wait to see your beautiful dishcloth. Happy knitting! xo Heather

Karen said...

Nice choice of colours... Can't wait to see your finished product !!
Happy click-clicking !!

polkadotpeticoat said...

I am so excited for you ...I am unteachable....have a wonderful weekend!

Katiebee said...

I'm so excited for you! I dishcloth is a great place to start & the colors you have chosen will be fun to work with~ I'm only a email or phone call away if you should need help!

happy knitting!



momto8 said...

oh have fun!!!

Sherry said...

Are you going somewhere for lessons or just following written directions? I've been contemplating knitting for some time but still have vivid memories from my youth of lumpy scarves and having to unravel row after row of work. The opposite of serenity!

Vintage Home said...

can't wait .....can't wait!
Have a great weekend!

Lynne said...

How fun! I've put down the needles for have inspired me to get them clicking again!
Thanks for stopping by today!
I will do a couple more posts about Jeanne d'Arc. There are some fun crafts and recipes in the publication!

Lap Dog Knits said...

Oh happy day....another knitter!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be making in the future.

Love the colors you've picked, I see a beautiful market bag sitting there in that bowl.

Surprise me!!

lisbonlioness said...

I learned knitting and crocheting from my gramma as a nipper, and I still love both crafts. I promise you it is VERY therapeutic and satisfying. You will move on to larger projects in no time! My favourite crochet item is an afghan my grandma and I did about... say... 25 years ago. I still have it and use it all the time! Would love to complete a similar project, just knitted, with my Mum but she is, lets say, allergic to needles. Tsk.

Leigh said...

I just love working with multi-colored yarns. They are fascinating to watch as you knit!

Unknown said...

My husband asked me to teach him to knit this weekend. I was probably way more excited about this than I should've been, but I tried to hide it so as not to scare him off. :)

Can't wait to see how your knitting projects are coming along!

trump said...

Thought Id stop in and say hello. Richard